November 10, 2012

Wish I was here!

Our view each morning…. could happily live here for a few months every winter.

Probably the happiest cow in the world.

Indian ladies doing their washing in the river…

…meanwhile the temple elephant has his morning bath (same river).

Uh oh….

So that’s where my sunglasses went.

Rice field in Hampi.

Our new Indian friends.

Will they make it up the hill?

The Indian seat reservation system (on the train) which despite the chaos is strictly observed.

So goddam cool.

Ginger drying in the sun. One of the things I love about India is that quite often you can’t tell what era you’re in.

Get your groove on.

Early morning trek.

Room with a view (see below).

Where’s Wali?

Couldn’t have asked for a better holiday buddy (Emily on the left, love her).

Classic studio portraits found in Mysore, India.


February 11, 2012